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Technology Update

by Vision Arcanum Team

Today we release the first technology update of 2021. We have improved the accuracy of the core recognition technology which affects InkToMolecule online as well as InkToMolecule add-in for OneNote. Users of OneNote can already enjoy the improvements, no need to update the add-in.

Earlier this year we conducted a data gathering project in collaboration with IQS Tech Transfer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank again IQS Tech Transfer and personally Dra. Magda Faijes, Dr. Xevi Biarnés and Dr. Antoni Planas from the Bioengineering Department of IQS for the flawless organization and execution of the project. And many thanks to all the participants for their invaluable contribution.

The data collected during the project allowed us to improve the overall accuracy of recognition, as well as to handle better some trickier cases. On the images bellow you can see a couple of examples before and after the update. The original drawings are shown on the left. The recognition results before the update are shown in the center, and after the update - on the right.

● Stereo bonds:

Stereo bonds example

● Bridge bonds (for illustrative purposes the resulting structures are shown before fixing the coordinates):

Bridge bonds example

● Resonance structures:

Resonance structures example

We will continue to improve the recognition technology. As always, your feedback is very welcome!